I’m Annie Fisher, a junior majoring in Arts & Technology at UT Dallas. My primary degree focus is on pre-production and design for animation and games, with a secondary focus on narrative, storytelling, and sociology. I have experience working in Unity, Maya, Nuke, Processing, Adobe Photoshop, Paint Tool SAI, and various video editing programs, and am familiar with programming languages Java, Javascript, and C#.

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Relevant courses taken:

  • Animation: Pre-Production Design I, Modeling and Texturing I, Lighting and Composition I
  • Game Design: Game Design I, Level Design I
  • Programming: Computer Science I (Java & Javascript, Processing), Computer Science II (C#, Unity)
  • Design/Misc.: Design Principles and Practices, Photography and New Media, Introduction to Computer-Mediated Communications, Writing and Research for Emerging Communications
  • Narrative/Sociology: Literature of Science Fiction, American Studies for the 21st Century (Honors), American Popular Culture (Honors), Criminal Minds and Lethal Crimes (Honors Reading), Faulkner’s Short Stories (Honors Reading), Creating Short Stories (Honors), Creating Poetry (Honors), Science and the Humanities